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To Kill a Mockingbird


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Customer Reviews

  • I loved this book, it was such a powerful read. I loved the main characters, I think they were well crafted.I think this book was written beautifully. It certainly is worth all that hype, it actually has a lot to say about the 1930's. To Kill a Mockingbird reflected a realistic image of our communities, and when i say that; i mean that this book doesn't hide any of the ugliness of real life, i loved how it showed exactly how young people first start processing disappointments and first witnessing injustice, and it hits you across your core with that. Let alone the fact that i absolutely fell in love with Atticus Finch who seems to be the ideal father and man to all of us. I completely appreciate the way Harper Lee reflected the pure innocence of children and then showing that adults themselves had that innocence for a long time, but they developed violence as they grew older, I loved to be reminded of that "childish like" feeling of not completely understanding the world and having that basic principles; there was no grey area in these children's world, there was either right or wrong. There are many topics that are discussed inside this book, mainly racism. i have never read a book that dealt with racism the way this book has, there was even a part in this book that discussed the inequality between men and women. The most interesting thing about this book, is that; despite the fact that it has a lot of tough material within its pages, the writer managed to get away with this by telling the story from Scout Finch's (who is Atticus Finch's little daughter) point of view, and by doing that she described everything with a childish tint so things didn't feel like all that heavy and serious. (things were sometimes even funny because of that point of view). To be honest; i did find the first half of the book slow, so as i was reading it i wasn't entirely pleased, but as i continued reading i realized that this was for a reason, and i think the reason is to feel more connected with the characters so that you start to walk in their shoes, (or as Atticus Finch likes to say: "... climb into someone's skin and walk around in it.") So, if you're half way through the book and you're finding it really slow, trust me, things will pick up soon. I really think that everybody should read this book at some point of their lives, whether it's at their 20's or even 40's, you'll find something that will be right up your alley.