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My Pure

My Pure

Author : Mazen Sukkarieh

Poetry meets Art and combines the work of over twenty talents to make up “My Pure”. The events that led to the compilation of the book are soul driven and the positive energy behind it can rock mountains.

Four years in the making. All the poetry you are about to read is actual, real to the core and is no dream, just truth in action translated to words, poetic in every sense. It is based on a true love story brought down by fate. It relates one way or another, to each and every one of us.

As you read, don’t just travel back in time or live a current moment, don’t just remember or try to forget. Just fill your heart with love and know there are great people out there and love is truly a blessing.

My pure… we can’t be more proud of it.

We quote part of the poem titled “Sun Rise”… what if I tell you rains has changed to tears”… what if I say we have just begun but our end nears?... What if I saw and angel that asked me to fight my fears?... What if I feel I am more than me… waiting for the day sin clear… would you believe me?... Would you stand forever by my side?... I need you baby… I breathe you… my sun rises and sets with your eyes beside me… I need you baby… to free me… to set me free…
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  • 9786144023754
  • Author:
  • Mazen Sukkarieh
  • Pages:
  • 132
  • Pub. Year:
  • 2-21-2011
  • Publisher:
  • دار النهضة العربية للطباعة والنشر والتوزيع
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  • غلاف عادي
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