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I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

Author : Minoui, Delphine

  • Author:
  • Minoui, Delphine
  • ISBN:
  • 0307589676
  • isbn-13
  • 9780307589675
  • Publisher:
  • Random House USA Inc
  • Cover:
  • Paperback
  • Pub. Year:
  • 01-03-2010
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  • 9780307589675
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  • Pages:
  • 192

Customer Reviews

    • اشراق : I'm not going to rate this book I just can't, it is one of these books that you have mixed feelings after reading it..

    I'm not going to rate this book I just can't, it is one of these books that you have mixed feelings after reading it.. feeling of compassion and sadness for poor little Nujood and feelings of rage and anger towards stupid tribal traditions that spread out in the name of Islam while Islam has nothing to deal with it. And when all what a child want is to get back to be a child, play, draw, go to school and being seen by the others eyes as just a child no words in the world could ever express these feelings. Nujood, this poor little Yemeni girl who was forced to marry at the age of 9 to a man in his thirties because of poverty and the fear of Sharaf (grace). Reading these words, I couldn’t myself in my age accept the idea of thinking about getting married by force to a man, what about a child who is still watching Tom and Jerry the cartoons, dreaming of candies and wishing to have colored pencils and drawing papers to draw!! Unfortunately, this tradition has spread out in the outskirts and the villages of the poor Yemen where many girls just like Nujood were forced to marry at young ages, before even turning into women!! Sometimes, we can extract courage out of fear… out of suffering… out of rage… Nujood, who had finally fed up with the brutality of her husband and the mean treatment of her mother-in-law finally had the courage to break through and go ahead to the court yard to call the judge asking for divorce! The dazzled judge who didn’t believe at first that this little girl is married and now asking for divorce!! The story of Nujood had spread all over the world, inspiring more and more young girls who were forced to marry elderly men just because of poverty or the fear of grace to say no… to seek for their freedom. I have a great respect and gratitude to Shada Nasser, Nujood’s lawyer who stood by her and got her the divorce, Judge Mohammad Al-Ghazi, Judge Abdo and Judge Abdel Wahed who stood by her as well and managed to get her to a safe place among their families after Nujood escaped her husband and family to the court. When I started reading this book, I didn’t search the Internet or read anything before listening to Nujood story. All the way long of the book, I had this feeling that this can’t be the words of a ten years old girl, the story were well formed that I was not convinced that this is her words being told and then after finishing the book I found out that this story was written by the co-author Delphine Minoui who tried to sound like a child but it was a grown up child instead!! I wished that more details of the trial and what happened with Nujood and her family after the divorce in order to have a complete pricture of what happened with her. Thank God, after what happened with her and the global attention and recognition she had, Nujood and her family were granted a two story house were they used the ground floor as a grocery store that helped her and her sister to get back to school and get out of poverty.