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Author : CAIN, SUSAN

Power of Introverts in a World That Cant Stop Talking.
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  • 24-01-2012
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Customer Reviews

  • Introversion is not something new, Carl Jung discussed this personality long time ago but it was until recently it started to have a global recognition. Susan Cain defines introverts as people who prefers quiet and less stimulating environments than others, listens more than they talk and think before they act on the contrary of extroverts who are open and react highly in stimulating environments, feels more comfortable with a large group of people and under spotlights. Being an introvert myself, reading this book didn’t come with something new to me except that it validated how I feel and react as an introvert. I think because I took some time accepting myself as I am before reading this book made me want to jump through pages very fast maybe because I found that the scientific researches and psychological work aimed at convincing the others that introversion has a scientific background for them to accept us rather than for me to accept myself. I listened to almost all the talks and discussions Susan Cain had on this topic at YouTube and I had very high expectations from this book but I was somehow a little bit disappointed. I think the book was well written and supported with statistics, experiments and researches on many topics related to this personality type but it needed more headings and sub-titles as you might read very long passages and sometimes you need just a new subject to wrap up everything you have just read. In her defense for introverts, I think un-intentionally she was spreading the message that introverts are idealist and the misconception of the west (especially in the US) regarding the idealist extrovert. The last two chapters about the communication gap between introverts and extroverts and how to deal with your introverted child were the reason I gave the book a high rating. The chapter that talked about workplace was really awesome and hit me the most as I do myself hate open space work places and I was the first to get a divider to my cubical in the office. I highly recommend this book for people who are new to this subject and need a better understanding of introverts that communicate with and for me I think I need to have a better understanding of extroverts in order to maintain a better relationship and communication with them.